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Privacy Policy is a website that publishes content around the Indian automotive industry. The team at AI deeply values its readers and takes every step to ensure privacy of any private information shared on the portal. If we aim to use any information about our readers and users, we make sure to send out prior notifications seeking their permission for the same.

The following Privacy Policy has been drafted to explain where and to what extent is the personal information is used. This can be referred to as a legal document for any future reference. It is also an attempt to explain the steps that our team has taken to ensure optimum safety of our readers. Additionally, the following document sheds light on the procedure that our readers can follow in order to correct or omit their information from our database, at any given point of time.

For any further queries or clarifications, you can mail us at and we will make our best efforts to reply in the minimum time frame.

CarsIndia – Privacy Policy

At CarsIndia, we deeply value all personal information that the reader intentionally/unintentionally submits on our portal. We thus maintain the confidentiality of details like name, address and telephone number shared by the readers on our website. We would thus like to assure our readers about all necessary measures being taken in order to safeguard privacy of their recorded data.

To be very clear, it is not at all mandatory for our reader to reveal their personal information or any identity-related details for visiting our website. However, our system does record details about the internet addresses of the realms from where our visitors are redirected to us. This data is securely recorded to help us understand the interests of our visitors, and thus offer a better user experience.

Some of the pages on CarsIndia use Advertisement Cookies, which help us to improve our understanding of customer behaviour and thus improve the product and interface to further enhance audience engagement. The said cookies are sent to the web browser application being used by the visitor to access our website. Cookies also help us to offer a better and faster user experience on their next visit. In order to enhance transparency, every visitor of CarsIndia has been given the liberty to either accept or deny a cookie. This can be done by modifying settings of the web browser, which will then remind the user whenever a cookie is being sent.

We have some forms embedded across the website which helps users to interact with us, and vice versa. Any information that is voluntarily submitted to us through these forms can be used at our discretion. However, we assure every user that we would neither be making commercial use of the personal information stored, and nor would spam their mailboxes.

Additionally, CarsIndia will inform its visitors and readers whenever any personal information is being recorded.

Visitors and readers of the website will never be forced to share any personal information with us or on the portal. If a visitor does not intend to share a specific information required by us for certain divisions & function, he/she can continue to browse through our website without any issues. However, there might be some specific sections or services that will not be available for such users.

CarsIndia can use information that has been voluntarily submitted to us to enhance user experience, contact our subscribers or for the betterment of the website. However, we will never share or reveal any piece of private information for use of/on/by any other online service.

Agreeing to continue using the CarsIndia website and by not withdrawing your subscription/registration implies that the viewer/reader has comprehensively read and understood the clauses and terms mentioned in our Privacy Policy and is ready to comply with the same.

CarsIndia can make any modification or change in the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any point of time. Readers and visitors are thus requested to stay updated in this regard.

This Privacy Policy document can be referred to as an electronic record under the Information Technology Act, 2000 and does not require any physical or digital signatures.

We would further like to clarify that under any situation, CarsIndia and its managing team will not be accountable/responsible for any loss, damage etc. caused to visitors and readers.

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