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2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Baleno – A Detailed Comparison!

Maruti Suzuki is one manufacturer that doesn’t hesitate in introducing multiple products in the same price bracket. When a product is priced so close to another product from the same company, one of them starts affecting sales of the other. This process is called cannibalization. Maruti believes that it is better to cannibalise your own products, instead of leaving enough gap for another manufacturer to get in and take a few customers away. And if the sales reports are anything to go by, Maruti clearly appears to be finding success with this strategy, with its massive market share being a proof of the same.

While there are multiple examples of market cannibalization present in Maruti’s lineup of cars, there are two products that are extremely close to each other – the 2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Baleno. Both these cars are built on the same platform, have roughly the same features, and come at around the same price tag. As a result, it becomes difficult for customers to decide which is the best car to buy – the 2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire or the Maruti Baleno.

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As a result, we have compiled the most comprehensive comparison report on the new Dzire 2017 vs the Baleno. In order to make this comparison beneficial for the end customer, we have mentioned variant-wise feature comparison with prices, exterior and interior design comparison, mileage comparison, as well as specification comparison. This will help you to narrow down your choices and thus make a final decision of buying your next new car.

2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Baleno – Petrol Specifications Comparison

2017 Maruti Dzire Petrol Maruti Baleno Petrol
Engine 1.2-litre, four-cylinder VVT 1.2-litre, four-cylinder VVT
Power 83 BHP 83 BHP
Torque 115 Nm 115 Nm
Gearbox 5-speed MT and 5-speed AMT 5-speed MT and CVT
ARAI Mileage 22 km/l 21.4 km/l

2017 Maruti Dzire vs Maruti Baleno – Diesel Specifications Comparison

2017 Maruti Dzire Diesel Maruti Baleno Diesel
Engine 1.3-litre, four-cylinder DDiS 1.3-litre, four-cylinder DDiS
Power 74 BHP 74 BHP
Torque 190 Nm 190 Nm
Gearbox 5-speed MT and 5-speed AMT 5-speed MT
ARAI Mileage 28.4 km/l 27.39 km/l

Maruti Dzire 2017 vs Baleno – Mileage Comparison

  New 2017 Maruti Dzire Maruti Baleno
Diesel 28.4 km/l 27.39 km/l
Petrol 22 km/l 21.4 km/l

New Maruti Dzire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno – Price Comparison

It is clear that the 2017 Dzire and the Baleno are priced fairly close to each other, especially for the base variants. The price differences expand as we go up the variant line-up. It is also worth noting that both cars come with 4 trim levels. The Dzire features the regular Maruti lineage, while the Baleno gets the NEXA variant names. Since both cars have the same number of variants, it is easier to put them head to head.

Another point worth noting is that the Dzire gets an automatic gearbox option on even the top-end Z+ trims of both petrol and diesel models. However, the Baleno automatic is available only in the mid-level Delta and Zeta variants and only with a petrol engine option. Additionally, the 2017 Dzire automatic uses an AMT gearbox, while the Baleno uses a CVT unit, with the latter being more expensive. As a result, the price difference between the Baleno automatic and the Dzire automatic is much larger than that of the manual variants.

Maruti Dzire 2017 Maruti Baleno
LXi petrol – Rs. 5.43 lakh Sigma petrol – Rs 5.26 lakh
VXi petrol – Rs. 6.27 lakh Delta petrol – Rs. 5.98 lakh
VXi petrol AMT – Rs. 6.73 lakh Delta AT petrol – Rs. 7.03 lakh
ZXi petrol – Rs. 7.02 lakh Zeta petrol – Rs. 6.58 lakh
ZXi petrol AMT – Rs. 7.49 lakh Zeta AT petrol – Rs. 7.63 lakh
ZXi+ petrol – Rs. 7.90 lakh Alpha petrol – Rs. 7.29 lakh
ZXi+ petrol AMT – Rs. 8.37 lakh
LDi diesel – Rs. 6.44 lakh Sigma diesel – Rs. 6.44 lakh
VDi diesel – Rs. 7.28 lakh Delta diesel – Rs. 7.10 lakh
VDi diesel AMT – Rs. 7.75 lakh
ZDi diesel – Rs. 8.04 lakh Zeta diesel – Rs. 7.71 lakh
ZDi diesel AMT – Rs. 8.51 lakh
ZDi+ diesel – Rs. 8.92 lakh Alpha diesel – Rs. 8.43 lakh
ZDi+ diesel AMT – Rs. 9.39 lakh

Maruti Dzire 2017 vs Maruti Baleno – Dimensions comparison

In terms of dimensions and size, the new Dzire and Baleno are fairly similar. They have the exact same length, though the Baleno is slightly wider and a bit smaller in height. However, the biggest difference here lies in the wheelbase, as the Baleno boasts of a 70 mm longer wheelbase, as compared to the Dzire. This helps in liberating more space for the passengers. As a result, the Baleno offers more knee room for rear seat occupants, while shoulder room too has been enhanced due to the added width.

One area where the Baleno trails the Dzire is in the boot space category. With a 339-litre boot space, the Baleno not only offers the smallest boot in its segment, but also has a 39-litre space shortage, as compared to the Dzire. However, it is worth mentioning that the Baleno comes with foldable rear seats that can be flipped in the 60:40 ratio. This offers added flexibility of carrying luggage and passengers in harmony. However, the Dzire gets a fixed rear bench, thus losing points in our comparison.

  2017 Maruti Dzire Maruti Baleno
Length 3,995 mm 3,995 mm
Width 1,735 mm 1,745 mm
Height 1,515 mm 1,500 mm
Wheelbase 2,450 mm 2,520 mm
Ground Clearance 163 mm 170 mm
Boot Space 378 litres 339 litres

Variant-wise comparison with features

Following is a variant-wise feature comparison of the new Maruti Dzire and the Baleno. It must be noted that we have taken into account only the major feature differences of the corresponding variants of the two cars.

2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire LXi/LDi vs Maruti Baleno Sigma

2017 Maruti Dzire LXi/LDi

Maruti Baleno Sigma

Front power windows
Central Locking
Foldable rear seat
Black ORVMs and door handles Body coloured ORVMs and door handles
Instrument cluster MID with readings for average fuel consumption, average speed, distance to empty
2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire VXi/VDi vs Maruti Baleno Delta

2017 Maruti Dzire VXi/VDi

Maruti Baleno Delta

Rear AC Vents
Manual Air Conditioning Automatic Climate Control
Rear Parking Sensors
Height adjustable driver seat
Electrically Adjustable ORVMs Electrically Adjustable and Foldable ORVMs
Rear defogger and wiper
2 DIN Music System with 4 speakers 2 DIN Music System with 4 speakers
2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZXi/ZDi vs Maruti Baleno Zeta

2017 Maruti Dzire ZXi/ZDi

Maruti Baleno Zeta

Rear AC Vents
Automatic Headlamps with follow me home feature
Tilt Adjustable Steering Tilt & Telescopic Adjustable Steering
Height adjustable driver seat
Electrically Adjustable ORVMs Electrically Adjustable and Foldable ORVMs
2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZXi+/ZDi+ vs Maruti Baleno Alpha

2017 Maruti Dzire ZXi+/ZDi+

Maruti Baleno Alpha

Rear AC Vents
Tilt Adjustable Steering Tilt & Telescopic Adjustable Steering
Rear armrest with cup holder
Rear defogger Rear defogger and wiper
Manual LED projector Headlamps Automatic Projector Headlamps
Touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, MirrorLink, 6 speakers Touchscreen infotainment system with 4 speakers

New Maruti Dzire vs Baleno – Exterior Design

2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The 2017 Dzire is a classy looking car, there are simply no two ways about it. It has all the right ingredients to make it a nice looker. The front gets a wide grille that is surrounded by a prominent chrome border. Top-end trims get LED projector headlamps with DRLs housed inside smoked assemblies. These add a pinch of aggressiveness to the compact sedan’s character.

This side profile reveals a proportionate integration of the boot. As a departure to its predecessors, the third-gen Dzire doesn’t get a bloated rear end. This is thanks to a more smooth roof line, a curving A-pillar, and a better integration of the boot. Also, the diamond-cut alloy wheels are the sassiest units seen on a Maruti Suzuki car presently on sale.

The rear end remains more or less similar in arrangement to the previous model, though every panel and part on the car has been changed to make it more contemporary and with the times.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

The Baleno is undoubtedly a classy looking car. The front end might polarise opinions, thanks to the y-shaped grille that leaves quite a bit of gap on either side. However, the design has gradually started to grow on us and the front end now appears to be balanced and contemporary. The top-end models get projector headlamps and DRLs, which further enhance the car’s appeal.


Moving to the side, the Baleno gets a very elegant silhouette. A gradually sloping roofline ends with a prominent spoiler, while the rear windscreen has been raked slightly steeply to give it a notchback like stance. There aren’t many character lines running on the doors, but the slightly flared wheel arches and a subtle curve just below the window line helps in reducing the visual bulk of the sides. However, one thing that doesn’t really match the overall package are the alloys. The alloy design should have been more dynamic, something similar to a two-tone finish seen on the new Dzire.

Comparison Verdict – Dzire or Baleno?

In the engine department, the Dzire and Baleno share similar powertrains. However, if you are looking for a diesel automatic, the new Dzire is your only option.

Then, there are the petrol automatics. Sadly, there is no fully loaded automatic variant on the Baleno. So if you indeed go for the Baleno petrol automatic variant, you will be forced to miss features like projector headlamps, DRLs and the touchscreen infotainment system. On the other hand, the Dzire is available with an automatic in the top-end variant as well. Which brings more options to prospective owners. However, the automatic in the Dzire is a more cheaper and slightly rougher AMT unit, as compared to the CVT on the Baleno that is a lot smoother. It is thus your decision, in the end, to decide what do you prefer more, features on gearbox smoothness.

However, when we look at the complete picture, the Baleno offers a much better value for money package, has better feature distribution across the variants, and the premium hatchback layout is a lot more widely appealing than the compact sedan structure of the Dzire. As a result, of the two contenders, our pick is the Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

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