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Maruti Baleno gets Smart Hybrid Petrol Engine, Prices Increased

Maruti Suzuki has added its SHVS smart hybrid technology to the petrol engine of the Baleno premium hatchback. This new Baleno hybrid is available in the Delta and Zeta trim levels and is priced at Rs. 7.25 lakh and Rs. 7.86 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), respectively.

It is worth noting that the regular petrol engine, without the smart hybrid tech, continues to be on sale. However, Maruti has made a few changes to the powertrain in order to make that engine compliant with the upcoming BS-VI emission norms. As a result, the Baleno petrol (SHVS and non-SHVS versions) have become Maruti’s first models to be BS-VI compliant. Moreover, the regular petrol engine has received a mild power gain, as it is now rated at 90 hp, instead of the earlier iteration’s 84 hp.

While the lower emission norms are a good thing for the environment, the updated engines have resulted in a significant price hike. The regular petrol versions are now costlier by Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 20,000. Meanwhile, the petrol SHVS hybrid version will set buyers back by close to Rs. 90,000 more, as compared to the corresponding non-SHVS versions.

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However, if you are someone for whom fuel economy figures are important, the new Maruti Baleno SHVS will make sense, despite the higher price tag. The regular petrol engine is capable of extracting a fuel economy figure of 21.4 km/l. Meanwhile, the mild-hybrid version is officially claimed to offer a fuel economy of 23.87 km/l. Hence, the extra price you pay initially can be saved in the long run, thanks to better economy figures.

The mild hybrid SHVS system added to the Maruti Baleno petrol essentially includes a small lithium-ion battery mated to the internal combustion engine. This provides a torque-assist when accelerating the car from slow speeds or from a standstill. It not only improves the car’s responsiveness, but also enhances the overall efficiency figures. Additionally, the Baleno SHVS gets an automatic start/stop functionality, that switches off the engine when the car is standstill and pushes it back on again as soon as the drivers hits the accelerator pedal. This saves fuel in stop-go city traffic. There is also a regenerative braking system on offer that captures the energy lost in braking and uses it to charge the lithium-ion battery.

With these two petrol engines being BS-VI compliant, Maruti Suzuki claims to have reduced Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 25 per cent. Primary changes made for this include an update in ECU mapping software as well as a new exhaust system.

Maruti Baleno Price List
Maruti Baleno Variants Ex-showroom, Delhi prices
Baleno Sigma Rs 5.58 lakh
Baleno Delta Rs 6.36 lakh
Baleno DualJet Smart Hybrid Delta Rs 7.25 lakh
Baleno Delta CVT Rs 7.68 lakh
Baleno Zeta Rs 6.97 lakh
Baleno DualJet Smart Hybrid Zeta Rs 7.86 lakh
Baleno Zeta CVT Rs 8.29 lakh
Baleno Alpha Rs 7.58 lakh
Baleno Alpha CVT Rs 8.90 lakh

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