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Maruti Celerio Accessories Price List – Full details with images

The Maruti Celerio is a very practical car. It comes with ample space on the inside, a satisfactorily loaded feature list, and a potent petrol engine. Powered by a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol powerplant, the Celerio is capable of developing 68PS and 90Nm of peak torque. The same engine is also available in a CNG avatar. Hence, many customers find the Celerio hatchback to be the ideal choice for their needs.

However, the Maruti Celerio is slightly boring to look at, thanks to the minimal cuts and creases on its body. As a result, people opting for the Celerio hatchback are often in the market for some accessories to spruce up the car’s looks. Items like chrome ORVM caps, alloy wheels, rear roof-mounted spoiler, and body graphics can help in enhancing the Celerio’s road presence.

Hence, we have listed down all accessories for the Maruti Celerio that are being offered officially by the automaker. Do note that this list of Maruti Celerio accessories does not include the umpteen number and variety of products available in the third-party market. We have just focussed on Maruti Genuine Accessories (MGA) of the Celerio hatchback for this article.

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Chrome Garnishes

We Indian love chrome, and Maruti Suzuki clearly knows this. This is why the Celerio accessory list is dominated by a host of chrome garnishes for various parts of the hatchback. These include chrome surrounds & accents for the headlights, taillamps, fog light housings, outside rear view mirrors (ORVMs), boot door, and door handles.

Price: Rs. 690 to Rs. 3,400


Body Graphics

Maruti Suzuki is offering four graphic choices as part of the Celerio’s accessory list. These graphics are meant to be applied on the door panels of the hatchback, thus enhancing the side profile’s dynamism. Each of these four choices of body graphics comes with a different layout and colour.

Price: Rs. 1,100


Alloy Wheels & full wheel covers

In the standard feature list, the Maruti Celerio comes with 14-inch alloy wheels on the top-end trim, while lower variants get steel rims instead. However, Maruti offers a range of alloy wheels for the Celerio as part of its official accessories package. There are a total of 4 designs in the Maruti Celerio alloy wheels section, one of which has a dual tone treatment.

Additionally, there are two full wheel cover options as well. These can be useful for customers who chose the base variant of the Celerio, as the mid V-trim comes with these wheel covers as standard.


Wheel Cover: Rs 490 each

Alloy Wheels: Rs 4,100 to Rs. 4,500 each


Rain window guards

Rain guards on the windows can be a major value addition for people who often drive in the rain. They allow users to pull down the windows slightly during a downpour, without worrying about the raindrops entering the cabin. The Celerio doesn’t come with rain window guards as standard on any variant. However, the same are part of the official accessories list.

Price: Rs. 990


Seat Covers

Seat covers are the most widely purchased accessories for any car in India. The Maruti Celerio is no different in this regard. The official accessories package of the Celerio hatchback comes with more than 12 seat covers. Interestingly, Maruti is offering seat covers of various different materials as part of the Celerio’s accessories list. These include fabric, faux leather, jute, and jute+fabric.

Price: Rs. 4,590 to Rs. 6,690

Body cover

A proper body cover can go a long way in maintaining a car to its glory over a long period of time. Body covers should be used whenever a vehicle is parked under direct sunlight or is exposed to dust for a prolonged period of time. The Maruti Celerio body cover available as part of its accessories list is capable of providing protection against sunlight, dust, and rain. Thus, it can help in saving the car’s exteriors from any wear and tear over a long period of time.

Price: Rs. 890

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