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5 important Maruti Ignis accessories that you can buy online

We have always loved the Maruti Ignis. It is a practical hatchback that has been developed for use in the city as well as on the highways. Thanks to its smaller dimensions and a 1.2-litre petrol engine, the Ignis is exceptionally fun to drive as well. A major talking point of the Ignis is its unconventional looks. While some love the fact that the Ignis can stand out from a crowd of hatchbacks due to its boxy and edgy styling, others don’t like the design of Maruti Ignis. In our opinion, the Ignis is a smart-looking car that has tremendous mod potential. Thanks to ample Maruti Ignis accessories available in the market, you can customise your car to suit your needs and give it its own personality.

Maruti Suzuki knows that the Ignis hatchback is extremely modification-friendly. This is why the company offers a set of authorized accessories and customisation packs. These include roof wraps, fog lamps, spoilers, etc. However, if needed, you can even buy accessories of the Ignis online through Amazon India.

We have listed 5 such Maruti Ignis accessories that you can buy online. All these accessories and parts will go a long way in ensuring that you have a pleasant ownership experience of the Maruti Ignis.

Maruti Ignis accessories to buy online

1. Center Armrest Console

The Ignis is a great car for highway trips as well as city traffic. In either of these conditions, the driver has to sit in the driving seat for long hours. This can cause fatigue in the limbs, especially the arms as they keep hanging over the steering wheel. However, this driver fatigue is highly minimised by using a driver armrest.

The Wooden and PU Centre Armrest from Carhatke is tailor made to be installed in the Maruti Ignis. It is a perfect fit between the driver seat and front passenger seat. This centre armrest for Maruti Ignis is so easy to install that you don’t even need an expert to do so. It can be done at your home itself. Thanks to its all-black colour, the armrest gels well with the top half of the dashboard and door pads and doesn’t look like an after-market install. We highly recommend you to buy the centre armrest for Maruti Ignis online on Amazon India.

2. Car Tray Floor Mats

Maintaining the floor of a car is always a tough job. But in driving conditions like ours, which are filled with rain, dust and sand, it becomes a lot more difficult. Additionally, there are circumstances where you are eating or drinking anything in your car and spill it over the floor. Once the floor of a car gets dirty, it is extremely difficult to restore it to its original form without taking help from a professional. But you can avoid spending money on professional car detailers by buying a set of good quality floor mats for the Maruti Ignis.

The best floor mats are those who come in a tub-like shape. They offer edge-to-edge coverage and store all the dirt and spillage withing the mat, thus keeping the car’s floor clean. We highly recommend the Oshotto Car Tray Mat for the Maruti Ignis. They come with an anti-slip pad on the driver side. The bottom of the mats are of a coarse material, thus preventing the maps from slipping around.

3. Magnetic Window Sun Shades

India is a tropical country. This means that most of the country witnesses a long summer season. This creates a big headache for car owners. Leave your car under direct sunlight for a few minutes and the interiors will remind you of a baking oven. Even while being stuck in traffic, the amount of sun rays that come inside the car through the windows can cause the drivers to feel tired and dizzy. It becomes a lot more bad for occupants of the rear seats, especially when there is no rear seat AC vents on offer.

Sadly, the Indian Government has banned installation of any dark sun films on cars. Hence, using removable sun shades is the only option that car owners have for preventing strong sun rays from entering the car’s cabin. The Autofact Magnetic Sun Shades are the best option for you to buy online. They are custom built for the Maruti Ignis and are thus an easy and snug fit. Each sun shade is slightly bigger than the Ignis’ window so that the magnets on the edges can attach to the door’s metallic frame. The front ones even get a zipper that allows the driver and co-passenger to access the outsides whenever needed. This negates the need to remove the sun shade everytime you reach a toll booth or are collecting a parking ticket.

4. Tesla-like Android Infotainment System

Higher variants of the Maruti Ignis do come with a factory-fitted touchscreen infotainment system that has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, the lower variants get a basic 2-DIN infotainment system only. Now, if you are someone who have a lower variant and want to upgrade to a touchscreen unit, or even have the factory-fitted system and want something that is more eye-catching, we have found the right system for you.

The Belda 9-inch Tesla-like infotainment system is one of the best systems available in the market for the Maruti Ignis. It gets a large touchscreen area that will instantly change the look and feel of your car’s cabin. The system comes with 1GB of RAM and an internal storage of 16GB. It even has an inbuilt TDA7850 4 * 50 W amplifier that hugely accentuates the quality of sound output. It has bluetooth connectivity, video playback, navigation, Android Auto and can even be mated to a rear-view camera.

5. Woodman Neo 2 Infotainment System

Yes, we know this is the second infotainment system on our list. We stress on the importance of a good infotainment system as it can change the way you interact with your car. If the Tesla-like system above doesn’t fit your preferences, this unit from Woodman surely will. This touchscreen infotainment system for Maruti Ignis is a straight fit for the car. However, if you have a higher variant of the car, you might need to purchase a frame from the Maruti dealer to make sure that the system fits properly in the dashboard.

The Woodman 7-inch touchscreen system comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It has 2 USB ports and has an Android operating system. The package comes with a rear-parking camera, a microphone for the bluetooth connectivity, and the system itself. It supports video output, rear camera, amplifier, bluetoth calling and music, and even has inbuilt wifi for internet connectivity.

Bonus – Silicone Car Key Cover

Since you have read the complete list, we thought we might give you a bonus product. This might be the cheapest Maruti Suzuki Accessory in our list, but it is equally as important. Car keys are often stored in close proximity to a lot of other objects. For male owners, the car keys share the same pocket with other keys, coins, etc, while female owners keep the keys in their clutch/purse with a lot many other products. This can cause the key surface to get scratched and damaged. We thus recommend using a silicon cover for your car key so that the key remain in its original form, even after a long ownership experience. It is important to note that this key cover is only for variants that come with a smart key (keyless entry) option.

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