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New Maruti Baleno Colours: Blue, Red, Orange, White, Silver, Grey

The Maruti Baleno received its mid-life facelift in the first quarter of 2019. With the new model, Maruti Suzuki brought in some minor cosmetic tweaks on the exteriors and a few feature additions on the inside. Meanwhile, the Baleno remained identical to its predecessor in the mechanical department. Out of the said changes, there were some significant updates to the Baleno colour options list as well.

In total, the Maruti Baleno is available in 6 colours: Blue, Red, Orange, White, Silver, and Grey

Maruti Baleno Nexa Blue Colour

The Nexa Blue colour of the Maruti Baleno is the latest addition to the hatchback’s colour palette. In our opinion, it is also the best colour of the new Baleno that makes the car look classy.

Maruti Baleno Pearl Pheonix Red Colour

The Pearl Phoenix Red colour of the Maruti Baleno is essentially a darker shade of red. It might not appeal to customers who are looking for a brighter colour option for their car. However, the Baleno in red looks quite mature and the darker shade helps in making the hatchback’s cuts and creases more apparent.


Maruti Baleno Autumn Orange Colour

Orange is a colour shade that has become quite popular over the past few years. Famous car models like the Tata Tiago and Ford Figo had various shades of orange as their primary marketing colour. As a result, with the 2019 facelift, the Maruti Baleno is also available in an Autumn Orange colour shade.

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Maruti Baleno Pearl Arctic White Colour

White is one of the most popular colour options in the country. As a result, for a car to be relevant to the masses, it must be offered with a white paint scheme. The Pearl Arctic White Colour on the Maruti Baleno fulfills this need by offering a simple yet elegant look to the Baleno.

Maruti Baleno Premium Silver Colour

The premium silver colour on Maruti Baleno is one of the darkest shades of silver that you will see on a hatchback in India. However, it is a perfect fit for customers looking for simple colours but hate the maintenance issues of owning a white car. This is how the Maruti Baleno silver car looks like:

Maruti Baleno Magma Grey Colour

The Maruti Baleno does not come with a black colour option. However, the company does offer a very dark shade of grey, called the Baleno Magma Grey. It might look a bit too dark at night, but under sunlight, the Baleno Grey variant does look quite appealing.

All colour options of the Maruti Baleno – Image Gallery

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