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Nissan Magnite vs Renault Kiger – Which one should you buy?

The compact SUV segment in India has been torn apart with the launch of the Nissan and Renault contenders. Nissan launched the Magnite in late 2020 and managed to provide a well-loaded package at a very aggressive price tag. At that time, the Magnite managed to undercut all its competitors by a fair margin. Then came the Renault Kiger. Based on the same platform as that of the Magnite, the Kiger has gone one step ahead in terms of providing a value for money offering.

It is thus imperative for the market to get confused about which model to purchase – the Nissan Magnite or the Renault Kiger. We have thus compared the two budget compact SUVs to help you make this decision.


Let’s not beat around the bush. Out of the two, the Nissan Magnite sure has the more balanced looks. The Magnite’s design is more mature as compared to that of the Kiger, which also makes it appealing to a broader audience. The Kiger is no ugly duckling either. However, the split section headlamps, Kwid-like fascia, and bulging c-shaped taillights will surely divide opinions.

On the inside, it is the Kiger who has a more matured cabin. However, the Magnite’s interiors too are fairly close matched. Both cars share the same all-digital instrument cluster an an 8-inch touchscreen system. But, the Magnite’s advantage over the Kiger in the exterior department does not get overwritten by the Kiger’s relatively smaller advantage in the interiors.

Conclusion: The Nissan Magnite is a winner of our design comparison.


Both SUVs are built to a budget. But it is the Renault Kiger that has gone way too aggressive to maintain its price tag and has thus gotten relatively bigger feature cuts. The Magnite has features like 360-degree parking camera, cruise control, Hill Start Assist, Traction Control, etc. that the Kiger doesn’t have.

Conclusion: The Nissan Magnite is a winner of our feature comparison

After Sales Experience

For Customers in the budget car market, the after sales experience is equally as important as the car itself. Nissan hasn’t had the best story so far in terms of its service network. Before the Magnite’s launch, Nissan’s dealership network was dwindling, with even some big cities like Pune not having a single Nissan authorised dealership. However, with the success that the Magnite has brought, Nissan is now expanding its dealer network and thus increasing its market reach.

However, the Renault India team has surely managed to have a big advantage over their Japanese counterpart in the service network perspective. Thanks to previous hits in the market like the Renault Duster and Renault Kwid, the Renault India sales and service team are much more prepared to satisfactorily treat their prospective customers.

Conclusion: Customers going in for the Renault Kiger can expect a much better overall experience as compared to the one seen in Nissan outlets.

Powertrain Options

Both the Magnite and the Kiger come with the exact same set of engine options. These include a 1.0-litre, naturally-aspirated petrol engine producing 72 PS and 96 Nm of peak torque. There is also a 1.0-litre, turbocharged, three-cylinder petrol engine putting out 100 PS and 160 Nm of peak torque.

A 5-speed manual gearbox is available with both engine options in the Magnite as well as Kiger, along with a CVT automatic limited to the turbo variants of the two cars. However, the Renault Kiger manages to outshine the Nissan Magnite, thanks to the available option of an AMT automatic gearbox with the naturally aspirated engine.

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