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Tata Harrier SUV – official name of the production-spec H5X concept

Tata Motors has officially announced the final name of the production-spec SUV based on the Tata H5X concept. According to this announcement, the upcoming model will be called the Tata Harrier. It is worth noting that the company has a tradition of internally codenaming its models after birds. The H5X SUV is internally being referred to as the Harrier SUV from quite some time. But this time around, the company has decided to carry forward this codename to the production-spec model as well.

It is also being reported that Tata Motors is currently in the process of expanding its sales and service network across the country. The company believes that a wider presence will help in ensuring that customers are willing to spend larger sums of money on a Tata product.

Interestingly, Toyota already has an SUV named Harrier that is sold in the international markets. However, since the Toyota Harrier isn’t likely to be launched in India, Tata Motors has been able to secure the name for the Indian market.

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The Tata H5X was unveiled during the 2018 Auto Expo in February this year. It is being developed with help from Jaguar Land Rover. The H5X concept managed to attract quite a bit of attention post its unveil, primarily driven by its unconventional looks. Interestingly, the production spec model is likely to retain majority of the design cues from its concept. Hence, the Tata Harrier (H5X) is bound to be a launch that will be highly awaited.


Under the hood, the Tata Harrier will be powered by a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine. Tata is likely to offer both manual and automatic gearbox options as well.

Tata is yet to announce a detailed launch timeline for its new flagship offering. However, speculations are ripe that the Tata Harrier will be launched in India in early 2019.

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