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Tata HBX compact SUV to get Electric version on launch – Sources

Tata Motors unveiled the HBX compact SUV concept at the 2020 Auto Expo. During the show, the company revealed that the showcased model had 95% of the production-spec parts. As a result, India launch of the production version of the HBX concept will be scheduled in the near future. Off late, Tata Motors has confirmed that the HBX India Launch will be scheduled around Diwali 2020. However, we have now received more information about the electric version of the HBX compact SUV, from an employee at a major Tata Motors dealership chain.

According to the said source, production version of the HBX SUV will come with two power options on the launch date itself – petrol and electric. If true, this will make the HBX the first model to be offered with both – conventional fossil fuel and electric propulsion options from day 1. This can turn out to be a major attention-puller for the HBX on its launch date.

It is worth noting that Tata Motors already has an upper hand in the electric cars segment, thanks to its offerings like the Tigor Electric and recently introduced Nexon Electric. As a result, it won’t be a difficult job for the carmaker to plonk an electric powertrain in the HBX and introduce it on the launch date itself. This will though be a departure of schedule for Tata Motors, who have till now launched petrol/diesel models first, before introducing the electric version. This was the case with the Nexon EV, and with with the upcoming Altroz EV.

The Indian market has shown maturity towards electric cars in the past few months. As a result, customers are now willing to accept the price difference between petrol/diesel powered cars and all-electric versions of the same model. This makes the Indian market ready for its first-ever car to be launched with petrol and electric powertrain from day 1 itself.

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