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First major Tata Nexon accident reveals compact SUV's build quality

Over the past few weeks, images of a Tata Nexon accident have gone viral on the Internet. This is the first major reported crash of the new compact SUV from Tata Motors. Interestingly, while car owners often feel unsatisfied and are furious after an accident, the Nexon’s owner has shared his user experience while thanking Tata Motors for the Nexon’s strong build quality.

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The owner, a resident of Goa, shared his experience after the accident on the Tata Nexon owner’s Facebook group. According to his narration, the accident took place after he suddenly swerved his Nexon in order to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Due to the sudden manoeuvre, the front tyre slid off the rim, which resulted in the compact SUV getting out of control. Following this, the compact SUV plunged into a ditch and toppled, ending on its roof.

At the time of the accident, there were four occupants inside the Nexon. The owner, in his Facebook post, commented that his Nexon’s ‘Build and God’s grace saved him and his family‘. All occupants were reported to have escaped the scene with minor injuries.

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The images posted by the owner revealed that the Tata Nexon, despite being rolled over, managed to sustain the shape of the body shell. The compact SUV took the brunt quite well as the doors as well as the boot lid was openable despite the huge impact.

It is often said that the build quality of a car decides the fate of occupants in a crash. As a result, the Nexon’s build quality is surely a positive point in the compact SUV’s package, especially at a time when Indian customers are increasingly paying attention to the car’s safety aspects before making their purchasing decision.

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