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Tata Sierra Electric concept unveiled at Auto Expo

Tata Motors has resurrected the iconic Sierra moniker in the form of an electric SUV concept that has been unveiled at the Auto Expo 2020. This new model marks a homage to the famous Sierra from the 1990s, not just by its name but also its design language.

The Sierra was a popular offering a couple of decades back, primarily due to its unconventional design. Tata Motors has carried forward the vehicle’s most characteristic design element, the curved-over windows at the rear, to the new Sierra EV concept. However, with the concept, the designers have managed to take it even a step further. While the old Sierra had just curved windows that merged with the roof, the new EV concept essentially has one glass panel wrapped all across, acting as a glass canopy for the rear.

Tata hasn’t revealed any detailed information about the Sierra concept. The only thing we know as of now is the fact that it has an all-electric powertrain and is based on the ALFA platform. This platform also underpins the Altroz premium hatchback and the HBX SUV concept showcased simultaneously at the Auto Expo. Also, dimensions of the Sierra concept have also been revealed – 4,150 mm in kength, 1,820 mm in width, 1,675 mm in height, and 2,450 mm long wheelbase.

Similar to the erstwhile Sierra, the new Electric SUV concept from Tata Motors has three doors – two at the front and 1 at the rear. The side profile has a rear door only on the left. It is a sliding door that manages to make the SUV look like it’s still a two-door by disguising the glass area and B-pillar. This intelligent design element manages to make the vehicle look stunning, while ensuring it is practical as well. On the inside, the Sierra gets lounge-like seating arrangement. This includes a bench at the reat and a front seat that can be turned around to face the rear occupants.

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Tata has not mentioned any plans to launch the Sierra electric SUV in India. However, with the amazing response that the concept has received, the company should seriously consider bringing a production-version to the market as soon as possible.

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