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Tata Tiago JTP – Who Should Buy This Hot Hatch?

Tata Motors has launched a sportier version of the Tiago hatchback, which comes with a new JTP suffix to its name. This new model has been developed under a joint venture partnership between Jayem Auto and Tata Motors, named as JT Special Vehicles (JTSV). The Tata Tiago JTP thus marks the entry of the Indian automaker into the affordable performance cars market, a segment that is still in its nascent stages in our country.

Like all recent Tata launches, the Tiago JTP has received significant interest from Indian customers. As a result, we have been getting quite a few questions about whether customers should buy the JTP or not. Having driven the car, we know what its strengths and weaknesses are, which will soon be covered in an official review as well. However, for those who just want to know whether they should go ahead with the Tiago JTP purchase, here is a small article that lists down who should, and who shouldn’t buy the Tata Tiago JTP.

1. True blood enthusiast

If you are someone who loves to drive, for whom driving is not just about travelling from one place to another, and who likes to throw the car around fast corners, the Tata Tiago JTP is a perfect fit. Thanks to the turbocharged engine as well as the tweaked suspension & steering setup, the Tiago JTP is engineered to be a driver’s car. Be it off-the-line or in-gear acceleration, or driving dynamics, this little hatchback can bring a smile to your face every time you are in the driver’s seat.

2. Require power on budget

Frankly, there is no scarcity of fun-to-drive cars in India. Be it the Skoda Octavia RS, Abarth Punto or the VW Polo GTI, we are lucky to have some amazing products for hard-core enthusiasts. However, all these cars are priced above Rs. 10 lakh, or even above the Rs. 20 lakh price point. As a result, the fun-to-drive factor isn’t available at an affordable price. This is the void that the Tiago JTP has successfully managed to fill. This hot hatch manages to offer an optimum combination of performance and affordability, thus bringing the joy of driving to a much wider segment of customers.

3. Want a performance car that can be used as a daily driver

There is no hidden secret about the fact that developing a performance-oriented car comes with its share of trade offs. For ex: in order to lower the centre of gravity to improve the car’s cornering manners, the ground clearance has to be lowered. A stiffer suspension setup for better handling results in poor comfort on pothole laden roads. As a result, it is hard to find a car that ticks all the right performance boxes, but is also capable of being driven daily and handling city commutes. The Tata Tiago JTP falls in the perfect spot in this department. It is a car that you can take to the office on weekdays, and have fun with on the weekends.

Do you fit in the above characteristic traits? If yes, it’s time to grab your cheque book and rush to the nearest Tata dealership to book the Tiago JTP. Cars like these don’t often make it to our disposal at such amazing prices.

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