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Top 5 Best cars for Uber / Ola in India

Uber and Ola have turned out to be great platforms to make some good money. As a result, various drivers, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs, have started looking towards these new cab aggregators as a secondary income source. Various payment reports mentioned on the Internet claim that an average Uber/Ola driver in India can earn around Rs. 50,000 per month by ferrying passengers around the city. But a vital part of this whole earning equation is the car you choose.

While it is surely true that a Uber / Ola driver in India can earn Rs. 50,000 per month, the overall profit depends on how much does one spend on the running and maintenance of the car. Since taxi cars under Uber / Ola often run over 5,000 km per month, it becomes very important to buy a car that is not only more economical to drive but is also low on maintenance.

However, these aren’t the only two parameters that you need to consider while buying a car for Uber / Ola in India. For example, both these platforms have multiple services, classified on the size of car. Hence, it is also important to understand what your budget is, and then search for a car that you can serve in multiple categories. For example, a compact sedan can be served in the UberGO as well as mini and micro services of Ola. This provides more flexibility to the driver and thus give better opportunity to get rides at the earliest.

As a result, choosing the best car for Uber / Ola in India becomes very important if you want to earn some good money using these cab aggregator platforms. But given the sheer number of options available, it becomes slightly difficult to find the ideal car. But, as always, here we are B-) with a list of the 5 best cars you can buy in India to put into Ola or Uber. For easier comprehension, we have described these cars in bulleted points. The list is in the increasing order of prices, so that there is one car for every probable budget.

1. Maruti WagonR petrol

  • Amazingly reliable car
  • Small size + light controls = Easy to drive around traffic
  • Good fuel economy. Around 14 km/l in city
  • Very economical to maintain
  • We don’t recommend opting the AMT gearbox variants as its reliability over long distances is still unknown
  • Price – Rs. 4.11 lakh to Rs. 4.89 lakh

2. Maruti WagonR CNG

  • Great for TIER-1 cities where CNG is available easily
  • CNG is a lot more economical than petrol. This translates to great profits on every ride
  • Since the CNG kit is factory fitted, it is more reliable than after-market sets.
  • Price – Rs. 4.66 lakh to Rs. 4.89 lakh

3. Nissan Micra Diesel

  • Extremely low on maintenance, especially if you get your service done at third party centers
  • Great mileage / fuel economy. Can easily deliver around 18 km/l in city
  • Very spacious at the rear. Satisfactory interior quality as well
  • Doesn’t sell much so you can get great discounts, especially around festive season
  • Price – Rs. 6.54 lakh to Rs. 7.09 lakh (huge discounts available)

4. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

  • Compact sedan architecture makes it easy to ride in city traffic
  • Ample space on the inside. Comfortable rear seats
  • Diesel engine is great to drive and is equally great on fuel economy
  • City mileage around 18 km/l
  • Can be used for Micro as well as Mini services
  • Price: Rs. 6.16 lakh to Rs. 8.58 lakh

5. Toyota Etios Diesel

  • The most reliable sedan in the market
  • Toyota’s after sales service is unconditionally great
  • Superbly spacious. Good boot space too.
  • Diesel model gives amazing fuel economy. Users reports up to 20 km/l in cities
  • Price: Rs. 7.67 lakh to Rs. 8.98 lakh
All prices mentioned above are ex-showroom Delhi.

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