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Honda Activa 4G, specs, features, weight, mileage, dimensions, price

The Honda Activa 4G is the updated 2017 model of India’s most loved gearless scooter brand. With the 4G model, Honda has made the new Activa compliant with BS-IV emission norms. It continues to be the best seller product in the two-wheeler market with over 1.5 lakh units sold every month.

In fact, the name ‘Activa’ has managed to achieve a popularity so high that it has become synonymous to scooters in India. As a result, every customer that enters the market to buy a gearless scooter makes it a point to check out the Honda Activa. And with the 4G model being at the core of the brand’s lineup, it gathers the most interest from prospective customers.

As a result, it becomes important for each and every buyer in the scooter market to know every minute detail about the Honda Activa 4G. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are various details that aren’t available on the internet. These include the Honda Activa 4G’s weight, dimensions, fuel tank capacity, etc. As a result, we have been getting various questions from customers to know more about the Activa 4G scooter.

Hence. we have formulated a single piece article that mentions everything that a customer needs to know about the Honda Activa 4G. If you are planning to buy a scooter in the near future, this article will surely be the most useful piece of words that you will read during your buying decision, or even after you have made your purchase.

Having given an outline of what we wish to achieve with this article, let’s dive deeper and tell you all details and specifications of the Honda Activa 4G.

Honda Activa 4G price after GST in India

The Indian Government recently introduced the new Goods and Services Tax (GST), which was implemented in the country on July 1, 2017. Under this taxation reform, the applicable taxes on gearless scooters have been reduced. As a result, there has been a drop in the prices of the Honda Activa 4G after GST taxes.

Hence, Honda 2 Wheelers had announced a price cut on the Activa 4G. The following prices are applicable since July 1, 2017.

City Price after GST (Ex-showroom)
Delhi Rs. 50,846
Mumbai Rs. 52,461
Pune Rs. 51,755
Banglore Rs. 52,913
Chennai Rs. 53,218

Honda Activa 4G Specifications

The Activa 4G is powered by the same 109 cc, single-cylinder engine that was used in the 3G model. However, the new model is BS-IV compliant. As a result, the Activa 4G gets a revised exhaust setup, which helps in reducing emissions. Output figures remain unchanged at 8 bhp and 8.83 Nm.

Specifications Activa 4G
Engine 109 cc, single-cylinder, BSIV compliant
Power 8 bhp @ 7,500 rpm
Torque 8.83 Nm @ 5,500 rpm
Gearbox CVT

Honda Activa 4G mileage

Claimed (ARAI) 60 km/l
City 40 km/l
Highway 55 km/l

Honda Activa 4G top speed

Gearless scooters like the Honda Activa aren’t really meant to be driven at high speeds. However, thanks to the improving road infrastructure levels in the country, customers often get enough empty road to reach the scooter’s top speed. As a result, it becomes important to know the Honda Activa 4G’s top speed.

Since the engine and output figures of the Activa 4G are identical to that of the 3G model, the officially claimed top speed figure too hasn’t seen any changes. Hence, the Honda Activa 4G top speed is 82 km/h.

It must be noted that we don’t advise taking the Activa 4G to its top speed. Instead, the rider should keep the scooter under 70 km/h. This is because of the fact that at higher speeds, the Activa 4G gets a bit unsettled and doesn’t inspire confidence to deal with emergency situations.

Honda Activa 4G colours

The 2017 Honda Activa 4G is available in a total of 7 colours. Out of these, two colours are new additions, while the rest five shades have been carried forward from the previous model – the Activa 3G.

  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red

Honda Activa 4G design

The Activa 4G hasn’t been given any major design changes as compared to its predecessor. The front apron has some minor tweaks and looks a bit more dynamic. The headlight assembly is a straight lift from the previous model. The side and rear profiles too are exactly the same, save for a new 4G logo on the rear fender. The scooter still runs on 10-inch wheels. It is also worth noting that only steel wheels are on offer.

Honda Activa 4G features

  • Auto Headlamp On (AHO)
  • Combi Braking System (CBS)
  • Mobile charging socket (optional)
  • Retractable front hook for keeping luggage strapped in place

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