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This Honda NAVI to KTM Duke transformation is hilarious!

The Honda NAVI is undoubtedly a quirky looking two-wheeler. Honda has tried to combine the characteristics of a gearless scooter with that of a commuter motorcycle. The result is something that is internationally referred to as a monkey bike. However, since the Indian market wasn’t open to such a concept, Honda was initially not hoping to make a huge mark with the NAVI. But with monthly sales hovering around the 20,000 mark, the Honda NAVI has successfully managed to create its own niche segment.

However, a few owners of the Honda NAVI don’t seem to be bogged down by its motorcycle-scooter hybrid looks. One such owner from Karnataka (Hubli) has taken the same to whole new level. This particular modified Honda Navi gets some bits borrowed from the KTM Duke, including the fuel tank extensions and the headlamp assembly. The rear fenders further adorn some KTM graphic stickers and a black and orange theme, which is KTM’s signature colour scheme.

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Pair these new design bits from the KTM Duke to the NAVI’s small wheels and a low ride height, and this Honda Navi modification does look awfully quirky and disproportionate. However, this does make the NAVI a head-turner, for whatever reasons it may be. Hence, you can expect a zillion glances from fellow road users when you take the Honda NAVI Duke on public roads.

In addition to the above cosmetic tweaks, the modified NAVI is also equipped with a free flow exhaust that is likely to make the bike-scooter contraption audible from several streets away. Other changes include a split-seat setup and new handlebars that have been mounted on risers to alter the riding posture of the NAVI.

No engine-related changes have been made to the modified Honda NAVI, as it continues to be powered by a 102 cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that churns out 8 BHP and 9 Nm, while being mated to a CVT gearbox. In its stock form, it can do a top speed of 80 km/h.

Do you like the aforementioned Honda NAVI modifications? Well, the said bike is on sale on OLX. It is located in Hubli, Karnataka and is tagged at Rs. 70,000. This is approximately twice the price of a new NAVI – Rs. 39,848 (ex-showroom).

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