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First-gen Ford Figo Modified – An Ownership Review

A big shout out to Abhishek Jha for sharing this detailed ownership review of his modified Ford Figo with us. You too can share your user review, travelogue etc. on CarsIndia by submitting it on this link.

Well, it’s not just a car… it’s my mean machine: “WHITE WULF”. Yes, that’s what I call it. This is the first generation Ford Figo bought in 2011. This became my first choice after looking at couple of other options because of its masculine looks, better performance, and street presence. Since 2011, my WHITE WULF has clocked over 90,000 kms on the odometer without showing any signs of tiredness.

Planning the Purchase

This time I took some time to decide which car I wanted to buy. Here are the parameters that I considered:

1)      Hatchback: Somehow I am not a Sedan fan unless it’s a premium one. I like either Hatchbacks or Full Size SUVs. Also, because of parking space at my rented accommodation, hatchback was the only choice

2)      Security System: This time I was absolutely clear that whichever car I would buy, it should have a security device fitted

3)      Budget: My stretched budget was between 4.00L to 5.00L and that was an another important parameter that I considered

4)      Music System: It would sound strange however this was another point that I considered. Since I couldn’t get a music system installed in my i10, this time I wanted to have it from the company itself

5)      Should not be Hyundai: Although it was a great driving pleasure in my i10 however due to one unfortunate incidence, somehow I never wanted to buy a Hyundai anymore

With aforementioned parameters for my next drive, I started my visits to showrooms and checked many options. Took some test drives too. After checking all the available options, I had 4 contenders to choose from:

1)      Volkswagen Polo Trendline: I just loved Polo. The interiors and overall looks of the car was luxurious however even the base model was out of my budget

2)      Maruti Suzuki Swift and Ritz: The cars were good. Overall driving comfort was also good however my father somehow didn’t like them hence the idea was dropped

3)      The one that I have – Ford Figo: When we were coming out of Volkswagen showroom, we decided to visit Ford showroom also as I had heard some good feedback about Figo from my friends. I somehow didn’t take the test drive however it just crossed the passing line on all the parameters e.g. ZXI model was 4.75L On Road with Engine Immobilizer and a double din music system. Car was finalized and booking amount was paid

Booking and Delivery

I booked my Diamond White 1.2L Ford Figo ZXI in the last week of January 2011 at Saluja Ford Chandigarh with a wait time of around 1 month. The overall experience with Saluja Ford was good as they kept me updated on the status of the delivery. On 13th of Feb 2011, they delivered my car effectively within 17 days instead of a month which was agreed upon earlier.

Ownership Experience

It has been 8 years driving this car which has clocked closed to 90K KMs on ODO till now (It is lesser if I compare it with other daily driven on the road due to my frequent visits outside India in 2013 & 14). My daily driving includes commute to work and back home in Noida city along with Noida Greater Noida Expressway which is close to 50KMs drive every day. With that some highway drives also to Chandigarh which is approx. 250 KMs however that’s once in 6 months now. Hence the monthly average is around 1500 KMs now.

Likes and Dislikes

A good experience overall in last 8 years with some likes and dislikes. Here are those Thumbs up and Thumbs down:

What I Like about my Figo

1)      Economical: I found it very economical as per my usage pattern. In city drives I have experienced a fuel economy of 12-13 km/l and on highways it touched 16-17 km/l, which according to me is quite impressive

2)      Space: The space inside the cabin as well as in the boot is awesome. Doesn’t matter you’re sitting in front or in the rear, your legs are going to be comfortable at most times. There is enough headroom too, even for taller occupants. Also, whether it’s a quick weekend trip or a well-planned long holiday journey, your luggage will find enough space in the 284 litre boot

3)      In-Car Entertainment: Ford’s double din music system has been quite impressive. It was amazing to have a music system with Bluetooth connectivity in a car back in 2011. The high and low frequencies from the speakers are equally good for this segment

4)      Handling: While driving on highways, the handling has been a positive. “Chipak ke chalti hai” is the statement that I have always made whenever someone asked me about the handling. Figo feels so stable and planted. Although I don’t accelerate much and like to be in the limits always, whenever I maneuver hard through corners, it doesn’t exhibit much body roll and sticks to the ground most of the times

5)      Design: Figo has a simple yet not boring design. The body lines and flair are just adequate which makes it look good overall, while also not looking too garish

What I don’t like

1)      Ground Clearance: With 168 mm of ground clearance, it has always been challenging crossing a little higher speed bumps with more than 3 people onboard. On a rough road too, the base sometimes touches the ground which is annoying

2)      Power: The 1.2-litre Durateq engine producing just 68 bhp is a big let down. The lag is felt while driving and that’s something I never appreciated

3)      Headlamps: The headlamps of Ford Figo have always been a point of discussion. They are simply “underpowered”. With one side of my daily driving includes nigh driving, I have always felt that invisibility and shadow of my own car in front. Doesn’t feel safe at all

4)      Door Quality and interiors: The door quality as well as plastic used for interiors feel sub-standard due to lot of rattling sound while driving. Talking about doors, that “Thud” sound is missing

5)      Hard Gear Shift: Since I drove i10 as my first car, I loved the soft gear shifting which I miss in the Ford Figo. It is sometimes challenging to shift gear from 1st to Reverse. You will have to move back and forth multiple times to get it right

6)      USB Port: While the audio system produces great sound output with Bluetooth and CD Player however there is one AUX point provided which should have been accompanied with USB port

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How has it fared so far

Service History

The service has been constant without any gap along with regular checkups at Ford Authorised Service Stations (FASS) only. However, there have been a few changes that I have done in this White Wulf in the last 8 years. Some of those changes have been periodic due to normal wear and tear and some of the changes have been done voluntarily to overcome the shortcomings that it came with. Here are the changes carried out:

Periodic Changes and Repairs:

1.       Stock Tires at ~40000 KMs

2.       Battery at ~60000 KMs

3.       Air Conditioner Repair at ~60000 KMs

4.       Stabilizer Link Replacement (Link Rods) at ~75000 KMs

5.       Power Steering Hose at ~73000 KMs

6.       Brake Pads at ~40000 KMs

7.       Brake Rotors and Brake Pads – Planned in this month

List of Modifications

There are number of modifications which have been done in this machine. The extent of modification is such that almost 2 Lacs have already been spent on this car to make it Fully Loaded “White Wulf”

1.       3″ Projector Headlamps

2.       Switchback Shrouds and 4500K HIDs

3.       Single Pipe Free Flow Exhaust System with HKS Rainbow Tip

4.       K&N Stock Replacement Air Filter

5.       14″ Plati Alloy Wheels

6.       185/65 Falken Sincera

7.       Stock Music System with JBL Basstube & Components and Pioneer 4 Channel Amplifier

8.       Ford upgraded front suspensions

9.       Custom Body Wrap

10.   ABS Sporty Spoiler

11.   Custom Paints on Front and Rear Bumpers

12.   LED Bar (strictly not for city drives. Used only for pitch dark unknown roads)

13.   Samurai Bumper Lip

14.   Sparco Tow Strap

15.   Reverse Sensors

16.   Race Decals

Planned Modifications:

1) Front Splitters with Tie Rods

2) Wide Body Kit

3) Scissor Doors

About the owner

My name is Abhishek Jha and I live in Noida. I am a Business Consultant by profession and an avid car lover by passion. I love to design how my car should look aesthetically and basis the designs, either I do things on my own or from outside. If you like the work, you can follow me on Instagram: or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel too.

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