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Maruti Baleno Modified, Gets Lamborghini-style Scissor Doors

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno has been selling like hot cakes in the Indian market ever since its introduction. The premium hatchback has constantly been listed as one of Maruti’s best sellers in the country. It is also the most sold car from the Maruti Nexa dealership network. With such massive sales numbers, it becomes obvious for a few customers to try various methods to try and make their cars stand out from the rest. This article talks about one such modified Maruti Baleno that has been given multiple design changes that help it become one of the hottest Balenos in the country.

Modified by Kollam-based 360 Motoring, this Maruti Baleno hatchback comes with scissor doors, something that we are used to seeing on Lamborghinis. These upward opening doors lend the car a very enticing appeal. It is worth noting that only the front doors have been modified, while the ones on the rear are stock.

The aforementioned scissor doors aren’t the only change made. The Maruti Baleno modified by 360 Motoring even gets a full body kit. This includes redesigned front and rear bumpers, a new front grille, and side skirts. The front bumper now comes with LED strips instead of fog lights. There is also a front splitter on the lower edge of the bumper for better aerodynamics. The customizer has very cleverly used a body coloured wrap over the headlamp assemblies to make them look slightly sleeker and thus lend the car an aggressive front fascia.

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The modified Maruti Baleno even gets upsized 17-inch alloy wheels with low profile tyres. The suspension setup has also been tweaked to give the car a lower ride height. The car has been finished in a red shade, while the roof gets a blacked out treatment.

At the rear, the Maruti Baleno has been modified with a large diffuser in the bumper, slim integrated exhaust end, and LED tail lights. It is worth noting that there are no badges on the boot lid.

Like this modified Maruti Baleno? Or prefer the stock look? Tell us in the comments section below.

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