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Rupam's new-gen modified Ford Figo – Ownership Review

A big shout out to Rupam Mukherjee for sharing this detailed ownership review of his modified Ford Figo with us. You too can share your user review, travelogue etc. on CarsIndia by submitting it on this link.

I bought the Ford Figo Titanium diesel in April 2017. In the past 14 months, I have driven this beauty of a car for over 20,000 km. My colour choice was Smoke Grey, as I found it to look more aggressive and mean, as compared to other colour options on offer.

Things I love

• Built quality. Though it still is shy of the tank-line body shells seen on some German cars, the Figo does feel like a well built hatchback • Powerful engine. The 1.5-litre diesel engine developing 100PS and 215Nm is undoubtedly the best power plant from a driver’s perspective • Sporty look is different from the competition • Respectable leg space on the front as well as rear

• 257-litres of boot space is sufficient for weekend highway trips

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Things I don’t like

• Head lights don’t offer satisfactory illumination. An upgrade is highly recommended • Front seats aren’t perfectly shaped. They lack apt lumbar support, which can cause back pain, especially during long highway trips

• 2-DIN infotainment system looks and feels basic. Sound quality too is strictly average

Why I bought the Ford Figo?

I chose the Ford Figo over the Hyundai i10 and Maruti Ignis because of the power available from the 1.5-litre diesel engine, as well as the car’s tough build.

Ownership Experience

To be honest, I was slightly sceptical at first about my decision to purchase the Ford Figo. But after driving it for few thousand kilometers, I was amazed by the sheer power available on a dab of the throttle, as well as the comfort while driving. However, like every other product, the Figo too has a list of shortcomings. For example, the driving seat fails to offer adequate support, especially in the lower back region, while the headlamps clearly leave a lot to be desired. While the latter can be resolved using after market headlamp bulbs, the lack of support by the seat is something that can surely cause issues in the longer term.

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Modifications done till date

1. Custom double pipe exhaust – Rs. 13,000 2. Spoiler – Rs. 6,000 3. Xenon pLanet mini super V3 and micro V3 head lamps and fog lamps with panamera shroud – Rs. 35,000 4. K&N air filter – Rs. 6,000 5. Infinity 15-inch alloys – Rs. 24,000 6. Yokohama 195/55/ R15 tyres – Rs. 22,000 7. Samurai Lip Bumper – Rs. 2,000

8. Racing stripes – Rs. 5,000

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